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I'm wondering if there's a db agnostic way to check if a certain table exists in JPA (specifically, eclipse link). Right now the way we do it is with a native query like this:

select count(*) from table_name where 1=2

If this throws an exception, we know the table doesn't exist. And, as far as I know, this will work on most SQL databases. The thing I don't is it's a hacky query and it throws a SQL exception when the table doesn't exist. I'd prefer to be able to do a query that returns a true/false instead of a no error/error. But the only way I know how to do that is to query data dictionaries, and that won't be database agnostic.

In JPA, is there a DB agnostic way to check if a table exists?

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What's configuring the underlying connection (java.sql.Connection)? You should be able to get to it, get a connection, and then do connection.getMetaData(). That'll return an instance of DatabaseMetaData, which has a getTables() method. It'll return a ResultSet that you can then scan. –  Joe Rinehart Jan 15 at 0:34
@JoeRinehart I can only guess that JPA is. I'll see if your suggestion works. This documents how to get it in JPA: stackoverflow.com/a/3497206/61624 –  tieTYT Jan 15 at 1:29
@tieTYT I've use that unwrapped mechanism before with JPA, it has worked for me in the past. For most DB implementations getTables() works correctly but I ran into an issue with the Teradata driver. For some reason getTables() didn't work correctly and basically never came back. As long as the driver implements getTables() correctly you should be good to go using JoeRinehart's suggestion. –  Durandal Jan 15 at 2:16

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