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This question is inspired by Does Linux provide a monotonically increasing clock to applications.

Maybe I should be more precise: I'm looking for a clock function which is strictly increasing, thus never returning the same value, independant how quick two calls follow each other.

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Yes, GetTickCount() does this. If you want a higher fidelity counter, QueryPerformanceCounter is also available. Neither of these counters depend on the time of day.

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Should change your link to GetTickCount64() -- from your link, the return value of GTC wraps after about 50 days. –  John Millikin Oct 17 '08 at 7:03
GetTickCount64() is only available on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. –  Greg Hewgill Oct 17 '08 at 7:05
As long as you can rely on being called at least once a month or so, you can cobble together a GetTickCount64() wrapper around GetTickCount(). –  Michael Burr Oct 17 '08 at 7:34
Be careful with QueryPerformanceCounter because it can leap forward unexpectedly by several seconds, so you have to compare it constantly with GetTickCount: Microsoft KB274323. –  Tyler Streeter Sep 24 at 12:54

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