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I have the following vector with the charater letters representing each one a data frame of numbers



[1] "Dxg"    "Dxu8"   "Dxu10"  "Cont2"  "Cont3"  "Cont41" "Cont42" "Cont44" "Cont52"  

I would like to place the 10 PreVar objects (without quotation marks) in the expression below with the + sign between them as predictors of the model.matrix below.

X <- model.matrix(z[2:length(z)] ~        )[,-1]  

Is there a any other way to do it besides manually imputing them?

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The key here is to use ?paste and ?as.formula. Consider:

PreVar <- c("Dxg", "Dxu8", "Dxu10", "Cont2", "Cont3", "Cont41", "Cont42", 
            "Cont44", "Cont52", "Cont62")
pastevar <- paste(c("z[2:length(z)] ~", paste(PreVar, collapse=" + ")))
z[2:length(z)] ~ Dxg + Dxu8 + Dxu10 + Cont2 + Cont3 + Cont41 + 
    Cont42 + Cont44 + Cont52 + Cont62
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Thanks, works fine, however the Cont series should read Cont[[2]], Cont[[3]],... as the digit is the location. Did not mentioned – Barnaby Jan 15 '14 at 0:10

Can you try this?

X <- model.matrix(z[2:length(z)] ~ .       , data = z)[,-1]  

I think you just need a period after ~, that way you don't have to deal with any handling of names.

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