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I think my understanding of arrays and pointers is a little vague. The bigger goal is to swap pointers to two arrays. In the following example, I first create a temporary pointer b that points to the static array a. Then i insert into a an element 1. I thought since b is pointing to a, b[0][0] would access the array but it gives me segmentation fault. Why is that so?

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()

    int a[10][10];

    int ** b = (int **) a;

    a[0][0] = 1;

    cout << b[0][0] << endl;

   return 0;
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You can change int ** b = (int **) a; to int(*b)[10] = a;, you will success.

You should know that the type of a is int (*a)[10].

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