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I am using travis-ci to test and build my project and as part of it I want travis to run grunt build i have tried the following but have had no luck.

  • script: "grunt build"
  • script: "./node_modules/grunt build"
  • script: "./node_modules/grunt/grunt build"
  • script: "./node_modules/grunt/grunt.js build"
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Have you made sure to install grunt-cli globally on your Travis node?

My Travis CI config looks like:

language: node_js
  - "0.8"
before_install: npm install -g grunt-cli
install: npm install
before_script: grunt build

And my package.json:

    "scripts": {
        "test": "grunt test"

I will explain the flow of steps that Travis will execute:

  1. The first step to be executed is the before_install. My only prerequisite (besides node.js) is grunt-cli so I use this step to install it.
  2. Next is the install step, in my case this will simply install my npm modules
  3. The before script is then executed, running grunt build
  4. Lastly Travis will look for scripts in the package.json, there I indicated the test step should run grunt test

I'd like to note that this is my own opinion on how to configure Travis. I'm certainly not inclining you should use exactly the same approach.

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thanks, exactly what i was looking for – bernsie Jan 15 '14 at 19:31
thanks. exactly what I need. – Arnold Zokas Mar 7 '14 at 21:59
@Anzeo Should all other grunt task libraries required be part of devDependencies or dependencies? I noticed I still get build error saying "npm module not found", for instance, for "grunt-contrib-watch" – theunexpected1 May 27 at 14:02
@theunexpected1 normally all your grunt tasks should be listed as development dependencies. Are you sure the contrib-watch is listed in the package.json? – Anzeo May 27 at 19:51
@Anzeo, yeah, sure about that. I haven't gone much further to debug, for now, I have removed grunt build from the postinstall process. I'll get back once I try it again, thanks. – theunexpected1 May 27 at 20:11

You likely miss in your travis.yml file:

  - npm install -g grunt-cli

Then "grunt whatever" should execute ok (assuming you do require grunt in your devDependencies in your package.json).


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Make sure that you have grunt as part of your devDependencies. Here is a sample file:

"devDependencies": {
  "grunt": "^0.4.5",
  "grunt-contrib-jshint": "^0.11.2",
  "grunt-contrib-watch": "^0.6.1"

Travis-ci will install grunt on the install step:

npm install 
grunt@0.4.5 node_modules/grunt

In my case I wanted to run jshint with grunt. Here is my travis.yml file:

To integrate grunt all I needed was:

before_script: grunt jshint

You can change jshint by another command.

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