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I've made plenty of buttons and I can't figure out why this one won't work.

My hierarchy is set up like this:

View -> Scroll View -> Subview -> Button

There's a lot of other items in this subview and every one of them works when touched. In the interface builder I can see that the "Touch Up Inside" event is bound to my method

"- (IBAction)favoritesButtonDepressed:(id)sender".

However, when I click the button, that method never executes and my breakpoint is subsequently never hit.

I noticed that even when I hold down my press on the button, the label doesn't change color (even though shows touch on highlight is enabled), but yet my other button on the view does.

User Interaction is enabled on the button as well as everything up the hierarchy.

In order for my items in the sub view to receive touch events, I made my scroll view look like the 4th answer in this post.

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maybe userInteractionEnabled of your button's value is NO. so the button cannot be clicked. –  Noval Agung Prayogo Jan 15 at 4:45

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Aha, I got it. It turns out the subview which contained the button (along with the other controls) had a height of 740 and the button was at a Y of 781. Moving the button up fixed the issue. Since everything was displaying correctly, I didn't think to check the subview's height.

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If subview lies outside of superview then control events do not fire. For sake of convenience set clipSubviews property of the superview to YES, so that you can identify the subviews frame visually. –  dev gr Mar 27 at 14:14

If a UITapGestureRecognizer is implemented on any of super View of your button. then UIButtonEventTouchUpInside wont be fired.

you should implement UITapGestureRecognizer like this

tapGesture = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(tapRecognized:)]; [tapGesture setCancelsTouchesInView:NO];// This should do what you want [tapGesture setDelegate:self];

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I had something similar recently;

Try deleting the (IBAction)favoritesButtonDepressed:(id)sender declaration (and method) in your Controller, and "dragging" it over from Interface Builder again.

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Tried that a few times already, sadly didn't work. –  Architekt Jan 15 at 3:54

I think you have placed your button on UIImageView, if so, you have to make UserInteraction enable for that UIImageView. Please check.

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