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I want to make query works as follow sql:

sql_str = '''
    select * from luckydraw_winner W
    inner join luckydraw_prizeverificationcodesmslog L on W.id =L.winner_id
    where W.lucky_draw_id = %s
    limit 10


class Winner(models.Model):
    lucky_draw = models.ForeignKey(LuckyDraw)
    participation = models.ForeignKey(Participation)
    prize = models.ForeignKey(Prize)
    mobile_number = models.CharField(max_length=15, null=True, default = None)

class PrizeVerificationCodeSMSLog(models.Model):
    winner = models.ForeignKey(Winner)
    mobile_number = models.CharField(max_length=15, db_index=True)
    created_on = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)

because mobile_number isn't always filled in Winner model,what I want is a winner who has mobile number or who get the sms.So must join PrizeVerificationCodeSMSLog to make my purpose.
Only get winner is simple:

winners = models.Winner.objects.filter(lucky_draw_id=id).order_by('-created_on')[:10]

But I have no idea what filter can be added to join PrizeVerificationCodeSMSLog.

Mark for myself or who see this question:
I have finally understood how to retrieve data I want in django.
If you want to get model A restricted by another model B which has a Foreign Key to A,do not try to use filter().Because A don't know B,but B know A!Just retrieve A base B.

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You can put name to a relationship when you add a foreign key, then A will know B through that named relationship. Check out ForeignKey.related_name and ForeignKey.related_query_name in the docs. –  Raiyan Jul 1 at 13:37

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logs = PrizeVerificationCodeSMSLog.objects.filter(winner__lucky_draw_id=id).order_by('-created_on')
winners = logs.select_related("winner")[:10]

This generates following query

SELECT "prizeverificationcodesmslog"."id", "prizeverificationcodesmslog"."winner_id", 
    "prizeverificationcodesmslog"."mobile_number", "prizeverificationcodesmslog"."created_on", 
    "winner"."id", "winner"."lucky_draw_id", "winner"."participation_id", 
    "winner"."prize_id", "winner"."mobile_number" 
FROM "prizeverificationcodesmslog" 
INNER JOIN "winner" ON ("prizeverificationcodesmslog"."winner_id" = "winner"."id") 
WHERE "winner"."lucky_draw_id" = 1  
ORDER BY "prizeverificationcodesmslog"."created_on" 

I am not sure what are your requirements but you may want to agregate by Max PrizeVerificationCodeSMSLog

see https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.5/topics/db/aggregation/

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logs.select_related("winner")[:10] not work,it just return 10 PrizeVerificationCodeSMSLog,but I can get winner use logs.winner.It's all right,thank you. –  Mithril Jan 16 at 4:26

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