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hi i would like to detect part of the Image taken from the camera, on a toffee wrapper.

Is there a possibility that this app will not work(not recognize image) under any circumstance? For eg. dim light, bright sun light, wrapper not held correctly and so on...Also, do i need any marker?

I did some research and found that few APIs could detect images with predefined accuracy threshold (like 60% match == successful) but what i don't understand is how do i create part of UIImage to match with picture taken from camera?

Please point me in the right direction... what am i looking for here?

If possible this thing could be immensely useful for iOS developer community, as there are large number of apps possible with this concept.

i want to detect the coco bean image and dark in this image

enter image description here

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Your question is unclear. Can you post a picture showing what you're trying to detect in an image? –  user1118321 Jan 15 at 5:50
added image to my question please see –  Ashish Pisey Jan 15 at 7:12

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