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I have a ASP .NET MVC 1.0 application which contains few ASPX files located instead Reports folder (located on root) of application.

My Global.asax contains following lines:

routes.IgnoreRoute( "{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}" );
routes.IgnoreRoute( "{resource}.aspx/{*pathInfo}" );

        "Default",  // Route name
            "{controller}/{action}/{id}",               // URL with parameters
                controller = "Home",
                action = "Index",
                id = ""
            }  // Parameter defaults

But when I try to access following URL,


I get 404 (file not found error).

What I am missing in configuration?

JFYI: IIS 6 is running on Win2K3 box with wild-card mapping enabled.

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Google MVC and II6. There are some things you need to include in the global.asax file to get the routing to run under IIS6.

ASP.NET MVC on IIS 6 Walkthrough

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Thanks - but I have already googled; if you see my question; I am Mixing .ASPX files and MVC controllers. MVC is functioning properly, the issue with calling Reports.aspx file which is located inside Reports folder. – effkay Jan 22 '10 at 6:29
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There is no issue with ASP .NET MVC configuration; Reporting services was over-riding the Reports directory of the web-app and at host/Reports SQL Server reporting was taking over.

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