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I have a runnable Jar which I want to invoke from my another java application. I have tried this solution

[link] how to run a java executable jar in another java program

I am able to execute the jar but seems that threads are in deadlock and it never generates the output. Can anyone please help me over this?

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That is proper way as it is shown in link. Does that jar run properly if you run it separately? –  DjDexter5GHz Jan 15 at 8:42
Yes, if I run the Jar from a bat file, it works fine. –  user82504 Jan 15 at 8:53
If I run the Jar from java program, jar runs fine. But at the end where it needs to generate the output, it stuck. –  user82504 Jan 15 at 8:55

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You can use ProcessBuilder from plain Java or use library like zt-exec from ZeroTurnaround. Second tools allows you to easily add for example execution timeout, set exit values, etc

In first case it'll looks like:

Process p = new ProcessBuilder("java", "-jar myjar.jar").start();

In second:

new ProcessExecutor().command("java -jar myjar.jar").execute();
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I have tried this but it worked the same and application hangs. –  user82504 Jan 15 at 10:04
By the application you mean executed jar or your application that is invoking execution? –  Jakub Kubrynski Jan 15 at 10:07
It's my application which is invoking jar. Actually application doesn't get the control back from the JAR and it keep waiting. Moreover, I saw in debug window that there are two threads. Thread which is in the link I mentioned above and second is the DestroyVM thread. They never get the control. –  user82504 Jan 16 at 5:57
I have used process executor now. Application is able to call the jar successfully. But seems that jar is throwing an exception of illegal method exception "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.Integer.compare(II)I". –  user82504 Jan 16 at 6:22

Another way, if you know the class which have main method, your program invoke the main method form jar.


public void test() {
    String[] starr = <- if you have some parameter


public class ProgramInJar {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // your operation
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I have found the solution. I have updated my JDK and then invoke the jar and it worked. Thank you all for the help and time.

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