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I keep getting inverted commas around printed expressions when I do for example:


when the field is:

FirstName = models.CharField(max_length=200)

How should I do this? I have tried:


but this fails.

When I simply do as above in the template I get "Fred", when I'd like just Fred. In the shell. If I do record.MyLinkedInFirstName, I get u'Fred' but if I ad str in shell I get 'Fred'. Here is my template:

{% for record in list %}
  {{ record.MyLinkedInFirstName }} 
{% endfor %}

and view:

list = AboutMe.objects.all()    
return render(request, 'list.html', {'list': list, 'loggedin': loggedin})
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Is that part of FirstName in the record? –  Rohan Jan 15 at 8:51
What do you get when you load the same record in a Python shell (python manage.py shell) and type record.FirstName? What output do you get in your browser? –  Dominic Rodger Jan 15 at 8:52
You'll need to show more of the template, and probably the view too. Django variable tags don't automatically add quotes, so you're doing something unusual. –  Daniel Roseman Jan 15 at 9:18
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