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I have a server listening to all the clients that are connected to it, and each client should have this "username" they are identified by, but I'm stuck here... when a client wants to send a message to another client, they send the other client's username as the first word in the message sent to the server. Then I wouldn't know how to direct the message to the right socket (the receiving client). How should I link a client to its socket?? so I can call socket.send??

I'm currently modifying the code from this website:


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def broadcast_data (sock, message):
    #Do not send the message to master socket and the client who has send us the message
    for socket in CONNECTION_LIST:
        if socket != server_socket and socket != sock :
            try :
            except :
                # broken socket connection may be, chat client pressed ctrl+c for example

This function could be used as a starting point for a send function

def send_data (sock, message):
    #send message to only one client
    #sock is the socket of the client to send to
    try :
    except :
      # broken socket connection may be, chat client pressed ctrl+c for example

then you could have a dictionary of sockets associating them with a user name


then you could call the send_data function like


In the code you linked to there is no method for getting a username so you would have to have the clients send their username to the server when they are connecting to be able to populate a dictionary like the one I have mentioned above.

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