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I want my page to send ajax on page load, but as I'm really new, I tried to use someone's else code.

I wanted you to help me know why it's not working. Note: I get Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLFormElement> has no method 'ajaxSubmit'

Here's the code:

{% if my_data %}
  <form id="data-form-1" action="/dta/import/" method="post">
    {% csrf_token %}
    <input type="hidden" name="current_data" value="{{ my_data }}" />
{% endif %}

And here's the script:

        dataType : 'json',
        success : function(response, statusText, xhr){
          if(response.result.toLowerCase() == 'ok')
        error : function(xhr, statusText, errorThrown){

Hope you can help me.

Note 2: I don't use PHP, just js and HTML

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Seems like .ajaxSubmit is part of a javascript plugin / library / file that is not loaded –  RononDex Jan 15 at 9:37
Do you use jquery or pure js? –  Hüseyin BABAL Jan 15 at 9:39

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The ajaxSubmit function is jQuery, not a regular JavaScript function on a form, so you need a jQuery object. Change



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Thanks a lot! Now it sends the request –  Sascuash Jan 15 at 9:40

document.getElementById('data-form-1') is not a Jquery object. ajaxSubmit can be invoked only on converting the same into a jquery object using $('#data-form-1')

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