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I tried importing a proto file named AccountProto.proto to another proto file named UserOptionsProto.proto using the import statement

import "com/vo/kernel/model/account/AccountProto.proto";

But i get the following error

com/vo/kernel/model/account/AccountProto.proto: File not found.
UserOptionsProto.proto: Import "com/vo/kernel/model/account/AccountProto.proto" was not found or had errors.

I tried in many ways to find the cause of the import error but couldn't. So could someone please tell me the correct way of doing proto file imports in case there is something wrong with the above statement??

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You have to use the --proto_path command-line flag (aka -I) to tell protoc where to look for .proto files. If you don't provide a path, by default it will only search the current directory. See the documentation (under "Generating Your Classes" at the end of the page), or type protoc --help.

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That means should the proto file names alone be mentioned in the import statement? am confused as i get the following error when trying to execute with the import "File does not reside within any path specified using --proto_path (or -I). You must specify a --proto_path which encompasses this file. Note that the proto_path must be an exact prefix of the .proto file names -- protoc is too dumb to figure out when two paths (e.g. absolute and relative) are equivalent (it's harder than you think).".. Please clarify – aarish Jan 16 '14 at 10:02
protoc -I=path/to/first/imported/file -I=path/to/second/imported/file --cpp_out=path/where/output/file/should/go path/where/output/file/should/go/nameOfFile.proto – spfursich May 19 '15 at 22:06
If your proto file is, say, foo/bar/baz/qux.proto, then your --proto_path can be any of ., foo, foo/bar, or foo/bar/baz, but it cannot be corge nor can it be /absolute/path/to/foo/bar/baz, etc. because those are not prefixes of the file name. The idea is that the proto path should specify your "top level source directory", i.e. the directory that all your imports are relative to. So if you import this file as import "baz/qux.proto" then your proto path should be foo/bar. – Kenton Varda May 20 '15 at 19:16

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