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Here's what gives the latest diff

diff --git a/app/config/parameters.yml b/app/config/parameters.yml
deleted file mode 100755
index [not important]
--- a/app/config/parameters.yml
+++ /dev/null

With a comment comming with it: git log:

commit [not important]
Author: <not important>
Date:   [not important]

    Never commit the parameters.yml

And now git has deleted this file, which breaks the whole website. How to restore it?

This is not a duplicate because if I do this:

>git checkout [rev number not ipmortant] -- app/config/parameters.yml
error: pathspec 'app/config/parameters.yml' did not match any file(s) known to git.

So how comes it's in the history?

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If change is commited:

git checkout <commit hash> <filename>

If change is not committed, see answer of WeGi.

Also consider possibility of reverting the commit that deletes the file using git-revert, e.g.

git revert <commit hash>
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git checkout filename should restore the file, if the change is uncommited.

Also just found the question has allready been asked: Restore a deleted file in a Git repo

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