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Does Ruby have a gem equivalent of PERL's Storable?
I have tried rcstorable, but it only reads, it does not save.

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Take a look at PStore, maybe that's what you are looking for.

It's in the Stdlib, so no gem is required.

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You can do the equivalent of Storable's freeze and thaw using Marshal:

In Perl:

use Storable;

my $serialised_data = freeze( $data_ref );

# and later

my $data_ref = thaw( $serialised_data );

In Ruby:

serialised_data = Marshal.dump( object );

# and later

object = Marshal.load( serialised_data );

One big difference - Storable covers more Perl library objects "out of the box" than Ruby's Marshal does, for non-core objects in Ruby sometimes you may need to add support for Marshal yourself. All the basic types - numbers, strings, arrays, hashes - work just fine though.

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