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I need to destroy a session variable only if user put his php page as ideal for 2 minutes, Other wise I need to keep this session variable. How to solve this issue in simple method.

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What have you tried so far to accomplish this goal? –  Fyntasia Jan 15 at 10:28

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Hey mate looks like quick search will find heaps about this check this out

PHP Session timeout

first, store the last time the user made a request

   $_SESSION['timeout'] = time();

in subsequent request, check how long ago they made their previous request (10 minutes in this example)

    if ($_SESSION['timeout'] + 10 * 60 < time()) {
         // session timed out
    } else {
      // session ok
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thanks for your replay –  Arjun Pokkat Jan 15 at 10:42
It works, but I think it wont meet my requirement. My requirement is, if a user puts his php page as ideal for 2 mins then I need to destroy a session variable. –  Arjun Pokkat Jan 18 at 9:53

I already answered a similar question. This here is after 15 minutes, i suppose you can rewrite it yourself:

if(time() - $_SESSION['timestamp'] > 900) { //subtract new timestamp from the old one
    alert("15 Minutes over!");
    unset($_SESSION['username'], $_SESSION['password'], $_SESSION['timestamp']);
    $_SESSION['logged_in'] = false;
    header("Location: " . index.php); //redirect to index.php
} else {
    $_SESSION['timestamp'] = time(); //set new timestamp
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thanks for your replay –  Arjun Pokkat Jan 15 at 10:50

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