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I'd love it if there is an awesome native Scala library for SNMP like there is Dispatch for HTTP but I can't find one. Is there one? Baring that, should I use a Java library like SNMP4J? What I want to do is so simple that it almost seems like overkill: I just want to listen on a given port for SNMP messages (which will always be in the same format) and send them on to an actor.

Any suggestions?

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Simple googling I found this

Still requires snmp4j underneath though. And I also dont like SNMP4J but I agree with you that there are not simple alternatives. Good luck in your search.

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Thanks, that's a nice start. Unfortunately the GPL license means that we won't be able to use it here at work. – pr1001 Jan 21 '10 at 23:25

I know this is a really old question, and you've probably long moved on... but I had the same problem in that I wanted to use Scala for SNMP. Well, I created my own DSL: SNMP4S. It is also built on top of SNMP4J, but I've designed the library such that there will be no compile-time linkages to SNMP4J so it can be changed out later if needed.

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