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                Field('name',unique=True,label='Department Name'),

                Field('dept_id','reference dept'),
                Field('name',unique=True,label='Course Name'),

                Field('course_id', 'reference course'),


# list all departments
def show_dept():
    rows = db().select(db.dept.ALL)
    return dict(rows=rows)

def show_dept_course():
    z = db(request.args(0) == db.dept.id).select()
    courses = db(request.args(0) == db.course.dept_id).select()
    return locals()


{{extend 'layout.html'}}

<h1>This is the x/show_dept_course.html template</h1>
    Name of dept:

{{for x in courses:}}


in view if I leave

Name of dept = (empty) 

everything works as expected but if I replace it with:

Name of dept:{{=z.name}}

I get error:

<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> 'Rows' object has no attribute 'name'

where as in bottom


I can see under z that dept.name is displaying. I am not sure what I am doing wrong and how can I fix it?

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Try like this

Name of dept:{{=z[0].name}}
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yes it worked can you explain me what is logic behind this? –  shunya Jan 15 at 11:12
z = db(request.args(0) == db.dept.id).select() this is return a resultset as list like [<Row1>]. You can try like z = db(request.args(0) == db.dept.id).select().fetchone() or .first() depends on orm which were you used. Then you directly use like z.name. –  Syed Habib M Jan 15 at 11:14
Depends on web2py orm z = db(request.args(0) == db.dept.id).select().first() is preferred to fetch single row. –  Syed Habib M Jan 15 at 11:23
@shunya : If you can, try to use meaningful variables names in your code. first_dept = db(request.args(0) == db.dept.id).select().first() in the view and Name of dept:{{=first_dept.name}} is more readable than z=[.....] and Name of dept:{{=z.name}} –  espern Jan 16 at 7:57
@Loïc i will keep that in mind from now –  shunya Jan 22 at 22:48

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