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I have created an ActiveX dll assembly that launches an application. I have called this dll via JavaScript in browser. The app is launched on click of URL.

For this script to work, I need to go to the IE settings and enable "Initialize and script activex controls not marked as safe". Is there any way to code the ActiveX object to mark it as safe?

I have used the SN tool to generate a key (.snk file), compiled the DLL with this key. So the dll is signed but yet it doesnot run unless I enable "Initialize and script activex controls not marked as safe" in IE settings.

This is the article which I have implemented and would like to mark it as safe:- Writing an ActiveX control in C#.

I have got a reference to the safe controls concept (IObjectSafety) on this microsoft link:-

I am not able to understand as to where this code needs to be placed. Any help would make it more clear..

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The following link has a perfect example which is answer to creating as well as marking an activeX control as Safe:-Creating activex objects with c#

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the solution suggested by the posted link does not work for me, and I still have to modify IE config – user908645 Jan 28 at 18:55

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