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I installed a fresh eclipse and i have a problem : when i right click somewhere in the project explorer view, the menu is missing some links and some that i dont' want to see are there.

How can i modify that ?

Bonus question : i can't rename files, folders, classes, nothing. The 'rename' link in the toolbar (it doesn't appear in the right click menu !) is disabled.


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I can only answer your bonus question. Rename in Eclipse is only available in Navigator view. But you can use Refactor->Rename in other views as well. The bahavior is slighly different from normal Rename but most of the time, it is what you wanted.

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at work, i use the same version of eclipse, and i can rename files in my project explorer view At home, i can't rename or press F2, and i haven't the 'new' menu either etc.. – Maxime ARNSTAMM Jan 22 '10 at 14:01

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