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I'm coding an API via Google Cloud Endpoints and the endpoints-proto-datastore library.

Here's my model:

class Domain(EndpointsModel):
    _message_fields_schema = ('id', 'name', 'enabled', 'adminEmails')
    name = ndb.StringProperty(required=True)
    enabled = ndb.BooleanProperty(required=True)
    adminEmails = ndb.StringProperty(repeated=True)

And this is my delete method:

@Domain.method(request_fields=('id',), path='domains/{id}', http_method='DELETE', name='domain.delete')
def delete_domain(self, domain):
    if not domain.from_datastore:
        raise endpoints.NotFoundException('Domain not found.')
    return domain

Can I return something else than the model itself? How do I return a specific HTTP Status code or something like VoidMessage?

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You can define a response_message parameter in the decorator (as opposed to the more commonly used response_fields parameter) and set it to VoidMessage. And then return a VoidMessage from your method instead of the model.

from protorpc import message_types


def delete_domain(self, domain):


    return message_types.VoidMessage()

Of course you can also return any other protorpc Message that way. As far as I know there's no way to define what HTTP Status Code to return though.

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That is correct. The status code is determined by a combination of the verb and the payload, or if an error it is determined by the name of the error. – bossylobster Jan 22 '14 at 5:16

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