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I'm attempting to test a piece of my application that comprises a supervisor and two (different) workers. I'm using eunit, so in my setup and cleanup, I've got:

setup() ->
    {ok, Pid} = foo_sup:start_link(),

cleanup(Pid) ->
    exit(Pid, kill).

foo_sup:start_link/0 is defined as:

start_link() ->
    supervisor:start_link({local, ?MODULE}, ?MODULE, []).

However, when my tests run, I get {badmatch,{error,{already_started,<0.188.0>}}}, which implies that my supervisor is still running.

How do I:

  1. signal a supervisor to stop itself and all of its children?
  2. wait for that to complete?
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  1. Send the shutdown signal to make the supervisor kill its children and exit:

    exit(Pid, shutdown).

    You may have to unlink the process from your test first.

  2. Monitor the process, to wait for it to exit:

    Ref = monitor(process, Pid),
        {'DOWN', Ref, process, Pid, _Reason} ->
    after 1000 ->
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