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Can py2exe create standalone executables even ones requiring the win32com package?

I've googled / searched SO to no avail.

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I've used py2exe for a project that depended on win32com as well as pysvn. It worked fine, no hassles.

That was using Python 2.5 and later 2.6. Note that py2exe doesn't support Python 3.x.

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+1: marvelous... thanks! –  jldupont Jan 22 '10 at 0:28
Update: py2exe now supports Python 3.3 and later from version –  Milorad Pop-Tosic Jun 19 at 17:44

Yes, it can. But you may need to add a refereneces to DLL that your application needs. Check the bottom of http://www.py2exe.org/index.cgi/WorkingWithVariousPackagesAndModules . It contains useful resources to build Python apps that uses win32com.

Also if you use typelibs, check that the version is the same on all Windows versions you want to deploy. Otherwise, your app may fail

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+1: thanks for the info. –  jldupont Jan 28 '10 at 11:39

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