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I am creating an application for ipad in script#. I am using a Content editable div. I have a toolbar to set the content properties like size, font color, bullet. But i have issues with the ipad's caret.

issue 1 : When i have made a selection in my div. what we see is two control bars and a selection area. When i open the color pallete and if the pop up opens just above the selection then the selection is displayed above the pallete.

How can i set the pallete to display above the selection.

issue 2 : when i change the orientation, my div resizes and the cursor is displayed below div. and i can still type in the div.

how can i display the cursor above the div after resizing.

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This one seems like it's a JS problem than S#. Once you get it to work there as you intend to, coding it in S# is straightforward. I can help you then if you're still running into issues. –  theoutlander Jan 27 at 21:39

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