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I am trying to update my Android SDK and it keeps failing. I tried running it as Administrator but it keep failing to "rename" the folder". here is there prompt it gives

Other Programs using it

Which is weird because i turned off my anti-virus like it said and closed all windows except it. yes it still give this window.

the other screen i get is this


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possible duplicate of SDK Manager failed to install 'java.exe' locking directory –  John Boker Jan 15 at 13:48
have you tried closing the sdk manager and it's directories completely, and then re-opening and re-trying? I know they shuffled some stuff around for the recent SDK tools updates. –  Sam Dozor Jan 15 at 14:01
i have. i did a restart just incase something was using it and i didnt know but it still gives me the same message –  Darren Murtagh Jan 15 at 14:03
Also John this is a different problem as it says nothing about locking and the solution in that question did not work here –  Darren Murtagh Jan 15 at 14:04

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