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In the kernel module makefile obj-m variable is exist. Consider the following:

CUR = $(shell uname -r) 
DIR = /lib/modules/$(CUR)/build 
PWD = $(shell pwd) 
obj-m   := m1.o m2.o 
        $(MAKE) -C $(DIR) SUBDIRS=$(PWD) modules 

In this Makefile the default target contains a recipe which invoke kernel sub-make. The obj-m variable doesn't exported to environment thus sub-make cannot use it. But if we delete the obj-m variable initialization then this make doesn't compile m1 and m2 kernel modules. So, question is:

Why kernel sub-make depends on the non exported obj-m variable in this case?

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None of the make variables are exported to the environment.

SUBDIRS gets defined as a make variable. The kernel makefile looks for the Makefile in SUBDIRS, reads it, and uses any obj-* defined therein.

(According to the documentation, you should use M instead of SUBDIRS.)

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Thanks for your clear answer but can you get a proof-link to the official docs where I can find it? –  Dmitry Fucintv Jan 15 at 14:51

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