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I use this code for Twitter login on Android using parse.com

Parse.initialize(this, "zzzzz", "zzzzz");
ParseTwitterUtils.logIn(this, new LogInCallback()
            public void done(ParseUser user,ParseException err)
                if (user == null)
                    Log.d("MyApp","Uh oh. The user cancelled the Twitter login.");
                else if (user.isNew())
                    Log.d("MyApp","User signed up and logged in through Twitter!");

                    Log.d("MyApp", "User logged in through Twitter!"+user.toString());

The login is OK and I look in the backend and there is my twitter account. How can I obtain this data in my Android App?


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exactly what data do you want to obtain? –  droidx Jan 15 at 14:43
Screename and name –  benoffi7 Jan 15 at 14:48
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This line do the magic


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