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I have a web page that contains a series of components (boxes). Each component can vary in height since the content is dynamic. Furthermore, the components should be fluid (i.e. the width may vary to a certain extent).

The problem is that I want "different ordering" when viewing the web page for desktop and smartphone.

Smartphone    Desktop
┌───┐         ┌─────┬───┐
│ A │         │  A  │ B │
│   │         │     ├───┤
├───┤         ├─────┤ C │
│ B │         │  D  ├───┤
├───┤         ├─────┤ E │
│ C │         │  F  │   │
├───┤         ├─────┤   │
│ D │         │  G  ├───┘
├───┤         └─────┘
│ E │        
│   │        
│   │        
│ F │        
│ G │        

Basically, I want to "float" some components to the right and some to the left when the user views the desktop version. And I want another "order" for the mobile version.

I have tried simple "float: right" and "float: left" combined with media queries for the two resolutions but that leads to vertical gaps in the layout as per this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/VgG55/10/ that was used in this StackOverflow question.

In order to achieve this, what kind of markup (order of divs, wrappers etc) should be used and what the CSS look like for a "wide" and "narrow" version?

Note, a JS solution such as http://masonry.desandro.com/ can not be used. This should be pure HTML/CSS (if possible). Furthermore, the website should work for IE9+ and modern versions of Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera.

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This is the closest I could come up with: http://jsfiddle.net/VgG55/11/

Note that I had to change the ordering of the divs though and enclose in spans:

<span class="wide">
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i solved problems like this using separate <div> for each column

<div class="column col1">

<div class="column col2">

for desktop you .column { float: left} them

for mobile . they come on after another

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can u explain why you down voted ? –  Mihnea Belcin Jan 15 '14 at 15:58

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