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Via http interface of couchbase, you can see real time the top keys stored in a memcached bucket, along with various statistics. However i cannot find a way of extracting these top keys, or extracting the value of such a key. I gave a look on couchbase documentation, but i didn't find any relevant. I use the java and the rest api, but with no success. For Couchbase buckets (and not memcached), a simple GET, would be something like this: server:8091/couchBase/couchbase_bucket_name/key and you get the response. if you do the same for the memcached bucket, i get "not found". Any help appreciated guys

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This command will work on both couchbase and memcache buckets to retreive the hot keys

curl -u Administrator:password http://YOUR_IP:8091/pools/default/buckets/NAME_OF_BUCKET/stats

A lot of data will be returned but at the end of the stats you'll find hot_keys which will contain a list of your hot keys with ops a second :


In regards to not finding keys in memcache buckets, if it is not found you either didn't set that key or you have set the time to live (ttl) shorter than the time between setting and getting the key.

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Hey scalabilitysolved and xmenymenzmen, i just tried what you proposed. it works!! It's only a bit tricky 'cause you need to follow the structure server/pools/default/buckets/BUCKET_NAME/stats. thanks a lot guys. – gandalf_the_cool Jan 15 '14 at 16:03
@gandalf_the_cool - I wrote a ruby script that parses the response and provides an easier overview for the hot keys and some others stats here github.com/scalabilitysolved/couchbase-hot-keys – scalabilitysolved Jan 17 '14 at 13:34
Thanks a lot scalabilitysolved.If someone wants to extract the top keys,in java, where String answer is the get request to YOUR_IP:8091/pools/default/buckets/NAME_OF_BUCKET/stats: String keys = answer.substring(answer.indexOf("\"hot"), answer.length()).substring(11); List<String> topKeysList = new ArrayList<String>(); System.out.println(keys); JsonMemcache[] topKeys = new Gson().fromJson(keys.substring(keys.indexOf("["), keys.indexOf("]") + 1), JsonMemcache[].class); for (JsonMemcache json : topKeys){ topKeysList.add(json.getName());} System.out.println(topKeysList); – gandalf_the_cool Jan 17 '14 at 15:09

How about this? Couchbase Bucket Statistics. You should be able to get the hot keys using the command that's mentioned in this documentation. I haven't tried it myself but I believe it should work for both memcached and couchbase bucket. Hope this helps!

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