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I have to run a file with a variable name


so I wrote a batch file :

CALL C:\Generated\From_*_To_todaydate.bat

soI got this error

the system cannot fint the path specified

I think that The problem is that this code doesn't expand the wildcard character (*), how can I proceed ?

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is it the only bat file under c:\generated ? –  Kayasax Jan 15 at 15:02
No there is many batch files under the mentioned path –  user1863359 Jan 15 at 15:05

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can you try something like :

for /f %%i in ('dir /b c:\generated\from_*_to_todaydate.bat') do call c:\generated\%%i
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please provide some of the filenames –  Kayasax Jan 15 at 15:14
it's ok , it was my fault : thaaaank you) –  user1863359 Jan 15 at 15:23

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