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When distributing a software package which uses a external library like log4j, which is under the Apache license, what considerations should I make?

For example: Am I allowed to distribute my software package, which uses log4j, under any license I would like to and even under a commercial license?

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You can distribute your software under a commercial license providing you aren't contributing to a version of the Apache licensed software itself and attempting to sell that version.

Here is a good summary[1] of the Apache license:

  • explicitly grants patent rights where necessary to operate, modify and distribute the software
  • permits code that it covers to be subsumed into closed source projects

Obviously, you would want to read in detail the original Apache license: http://opensource.org/licenses/apache2.0.php

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Thank you. Yes, I only want to use log4j as an external library for my software package. So I do not redistribute the log4j project as modified. A more secure way should be to distribute my software package without any external library included, so that only my own binaries will be delivered. Then the user has to reference to the used libraries. What do you think? –  John Threepwood Jan 15 at 20:00

You have to ensure that the licence you choose for your software package is compatible with the Apache-2.0. Typically, GPL-2.0 is not (according to the FSF, at least) but GPL-3.0 is (see http://www.apache.org/licenses/GPL-compatibility.html ). Most commercial licences would probably be compatible.

Then you have to follow the instructions of section "4. Redistribution" of the licence.

You should also be aware that you would lose any patent licence potentially attached to log4j if you institute a patent litigation against any contributor about log4j. (see 3. Grant of Patent License.)

But more globally, you should read the licence (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0) itself in its entirety.

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Thank you. Hmm... I do not want to modify or change the log4j code, just use it as an external library. So I thought I could just license my software package any way I want? :-/ –  John Threepwood Jan 15 at 19:59

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