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Am I able to integrate Apache Nutch crawler with the Solr Index server?


One of our devs came up with a solution from these posts

  1. Running Nutch and Solr
  2. Update for Running Nutch and Solr



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If you're willing to upgrade to nutch 1.0 you can use the solrindex as described in this article by Lucid Imagination:

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ya thats the definitive article for nutch/solr – Scott Cowan Aug 10 '09 at 21:13

It's still an open issue. If you're feeling adventurous you could try applying those patches yourself, although it looks like it's not so simple

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ya I'm preparing a usergroup talk on lucene so I'll test out this setup. I was hoping there was a quick Y/N answer out there – Scott Cowan Dec 19 '08 at 11:09

nutch 2.x is designed to use solr as default. You can follow the steps in, or a better instruction in the book "Web Crawling and Data Mining with Apache Nutch".

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