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I have a DataTable on my computer memory with about milion rows and I update one column in each row in the DataTable.

Can I update the all Data Table at once?

(for example with DataAdapter.Update(DataTable) I need to give an Update Script but in this case I don't have an Update script...)


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if you don't have an update statement maybe you should create one ... making updates without an update statement might be difficult ... –  PrfctByDsgn Jan 16 at 9:37
the idea is that I update every row on the data table and I don't want to make n update iteration to the data base so I don't want n update statment........................ –  mongo Jan 16 at 14:43
the SqlDataAdapter does exactly what you want automatically ... it executes the udpate statement for every modified row in your DataTable –  PrfctByDsgn Jan 16 at 19:17
But I need to supply the update script. for example if there is a diffrently change in a column in every row I can't write a sql script for it. I need to call the update query every row in the dt. –  mongo Jan 19 at 14:03
the update statement should look like this: UPDATE myTable SET X = @X WHERE Pk = @Pk ... then you add the parameters to the SqlCommand ... and then when you call Update on the SqlDataAdapter the parameters are automatically replaced by the values in your DataRow ... for each row ... so you need only one update statement (with parameters) to update all modified rows in your DataTable ... –  PrfctByDsgn Jan 20 at 15:06

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