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I've a very annoying problem with visual studio 2012/2013, on both version it's not able to attach the debugger for a x64 application. The debugging for application configured with AnyCpu or x86 is working without problems. I can't simply switch a part of my programs to x86 applications, because I'm develop azure webroles which have to be x64 application.

How it looks when I start to debug:

After a while of waiting a window pops up which show:

Operation taking longer than expected

When I click Terminate, sometimes the same window pops up again. After I clicked Terminate again, it shows this window:

enter image description here

Or this instead, when I'm trying to debug a azure webrole hoste in the azure emulator:

enter image description here

I'm frustraited now and I hope you guys can help me.

The list of things I've tried:

  • Reinstalled VS 2012/2013 (both of them)
  • Checked firewall rules, they're ok.
  • Checked for 3rd party network software, none found NIC's driver (See Edit)
  • Reinstalled azure tools
  • Reinstalled IIS 7.5 (in Programs and Features)
  • Done a lot of research in web but found nothing that worked.

At last the Windows7 installation is from two days ago (01.13.2014).

EDIT: After hours of research, testing, tons of reoots and reinstallations, I found the cause. It's the netowrk card driver. I've a Bogfoot Network Killer Ethernet Controller which needs a special "3rd party" driver. It's working when I uninstall the driver. I'll try to install a normal nic (Intel/Realtek, if I find one) tomorrow and post the result here.

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I finaly found the solution and I think it's less painful as it sounds at the begining.

Simply removed the driver of my Bigfoot Network Killer onboard ethernet card (MB: G1.Sniper). Then installed a Intel Pro/1000 and it worked like a charm. I don't know if there is a solution which you don't have to add/replace hardware.

But now it works!

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