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I know there are a lot of posts out there that seem to answer this question - forgive me as I am totally new at this type of coding and rusty on server side coding. I have a form that is created dynamically using classic ASP based on a record set returned by user defined query. The field IDs and names are defined by a number concatenated to the field name so I can (eventually) use them to insert form field entries to a database table. The end user will have times during the use of the form when there is no internet connection and so I am looking to save the form field names or IDs and values as key pairs using Local Storage until they have a connection and can save the data to the database. I can do this with hard coded form fields and can work with dynamically named fields with ASP, but all of the JavaScript code I've see completely loses me... I am not clear on where to put each piece of code and how to invoke the script. This is basically how each field is written using classic ASP:


<%if Not RS.eof Then
    Do until RS.eof
myCount=MyCount+1 %>
<%myBook = myDate & RS("Book")%>
<%myBookNum = myCount & RS("BookNum")%>
<input type="hidden" name="<%=myBookNum%>" value="<%=myBook%>" class="<%=myBookNum%>">
</td> <%
       end if

Is there a simple way using JavaScript to get all of the field names/IDs and values loaded into Local Storage? Any help is most appreciated.

I found a simple way to do it --- for folks who've gotten no help from this forum:

I looped through the form elements to add the element name and values into local storage

'for (i = 0; i < document.Entry.length, document.Entry.elements[i].getAttribute("type") !== 'button'; i++) { localStorage[document.Entry.elements[i].name] = document.Entry.elements[i].value;'

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