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I have some .cpp and .h files residing in path



and I have my cppunit .cpp and .h files residing in path



assuming that I am at ~ and I have cd to directory

/NetBeansProjects/myApplication in my terminal

I want to do a g++ along with my cppunit files TO GENERATE A XML REPORT of the results on cppunit test.

I add the XmlOutputter in my finalresults.cpp

        std::ofstream xmlFileOut("testResults.xml");
    XmlOutputter xmlOut(&collectedresults, xmlFileOut);

the command to use(as suggested) g++ -o finaltestresults person.cpp main.cpp tests/TestCase.cpp tests/finalresults.cpp -lcppunit

My program runs successfully but no xml is being created.

what additional steps do I need to do?

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g++ -o finalresults main.cpp person.cpp tests/TestCase.cpp tests/finalresults.cpp -lcppunit

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I have a added XmOutPutter in my finalresults.cpp, I ran the command, it successfully builds my program but no xml is being created. what should I do? –  user3493435 Jan 16 at 3:41
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