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in my android application I want to use the autobahn library to use websockets.

I think the server is using draft-17. Can someone tell me, how to set up the Client to use this protocol?

I have this code:

      mConnection.connect(url,new String[] {"protocolname?"}, new WebSocketHandler() {

         //some functions


UPDATE On my server I use Jetty in version 8.1.

UPDATE the output from LogCat is:

01-15 22:54:53.481: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketReader(32452): created
01-15 22:54:53.491: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketConnection(32452): WS reader created     and started
01-15 22:54:53.491: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketReader(32452): running
01-15 22:54:53.491: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketWriter(32452): created
01-15 22:54:53.491: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketConnection(32452): WS writer created and started
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketConnection(32452): opening handshake received
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/Websocket(32452): Status: Connected to ws://
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketReader(32452): run() : WebSocketException (de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketException: RSV != 0 and no extension negotiated)
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketReader(32452): ended
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketConnection(32452): fail connection [code = 4, reason = WebSockets protocol violation
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketReader(32452): quit
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketWriter(32452): ended
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/Websocket(32452): Connection lost.
01-15 22:54:53.551: D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketConnection(32452): worker threads stopped
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Are you referring to WebSocket protocol version or WebSocket subprotocols?

Regarding the former: AutobahnAndroid implements RFC6455 (the last and final WebSocket protocol version). There is no way to downgrade to older versions, but basically, there haven't been significant changes from Hybi-10+ to RFC6455.

Regarding the latter: WebSocket subprotocols are specified when opening the WebSocket connection like this.

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Yeah the WebSocket Protocol. Thanks for this information. Do you know how to set up Jetty 8.1 to the RFC6455 standard? –  501 - not implemented Jan 15 at 18:50
Nope, sorry. But probably you don't need to do anything special. The WebSocket protocol version is announced and negotiated during the initial WebSocket opening handshake between the 2 peer's implementations. –  oberstet Jan 15 at 18:56
okay, my problem is that my android client is getting disconnected after it is connected. The exception is calling: `D/de.tavendo.autobahn.WebSocketConnection(6471): fail connection [code = 4, reason = WebSockets protocol violation´ –  501 - not implemented Jan 15 at 19:05
try enabling debug output so you can see the actual violation: github.com/tavendo/AutobahnAndroid/blob/master/Autobahn/src/de/… –  oberstet Jan 15 at 19:41
i had. I posted the output to the main question –  501 - not implemented Jan 15 at 21:58

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