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In order to understand how does telephony works with a router a have the following configuration :

  • 2 phones (Bosch TM13)
  • 1 router (cisco 3600)
  • 1 voice cards on the router (the card is VIC-2FXS)
  • Each phone is connected to the voice card with RJ11 cables

Here is the scheme of the configuration

I made a simple configuration on the router (following the advices of cisco website), which is exactly what you can see on the picture above. I do not have configured any voice-port but they are up and running and according to several website the default configuration is sufficient.

The problem is that I can't make a phone call...

I have several questions:

  • Is it normal not to hear dial tone when the phone is in off-hook state ?
  • Does I need to configure voice-port ?
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You will be better off taking this question to a different StackExchange site, SO is mostly programming... I would suggest ServerFault. – James Jan 15 '14 at 19:03
ok I'll do that. Thank you – Santana6.35 Jan 15 '14 at 19:14
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"Bosch TM13" are used for ISDN networks so it cannot work with this configuration.

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