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I am using Aptana 3 Studio to develop PHP\HTML webapp and I have the following problem:

If I go in: Window ---> Show View ---> Snippets it appear to me the code snippets box tab.

Here I can chose a category of possibile snippets (for example CSS code snippets), so I can expand it and see all the CSS code snippets.

My problems are:

1) Can I modify an existing code snippet? (I am trying but seem that I can't do it)

2) Can I add a new code snippets category? (for example what can I do to add my new snippets category named BootStrap)

3) Can I add a new code snippet into a specific category?



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You can modify an existing snippet and create new ones. Here is a step-by-step guide (first result on Google, FYI)


The author does mention just searching for the .rb files though, you can see a better explanation for how to get into them in the updated version of the post he mentions. Basically you want to open a CSS file in the css editor and then use Commands > Bundle Development > Edit this Bundle and it will create a project for you that contains the rules for CSS files (including snippets), which you can then edit.

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