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I was using a tutorial on this link:


To show a custom error message on login form and I got it at the beginning. But after declaring a authentication-failure-handler-ref="myAuthErrorHandler" for a custom failure authenticator handler I can't see it the custom message on the login form:

enter image description here

What I am doing wrong? Can anybody explain me what happen and why the 'Invalid username or password' doesn't show?

Here's the code:


public class AuthentificationListener implements AuthenticationFailureHandler {

public void onAuthenticationFailure(HttpServletRequest request,
        HttpServletResponse response, AuthenticationException ae)
        throws IOException, ServletException {

    UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken user = (UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken) ae

    /* User */

            + "/abc/main/loginfailed");




    <bean id="myAuthErrorHandler" class="org.abc.handler.AuthentificationListener"/>

Spring Security:

    <http auto-config="true">
    <intercept-url pattern="/abc/main/welcome*" access="ROLE_USER" />
    <intercept-url pattern="/abc/main/record/**" access="ROLE_USER" />






    <logout logout-success-url="/abc/main/logout" />



        <c:if test="${not empty error}">
        <div class="errorblock">
            Your login attempt was not successful, try again.<br /> Caused :



    @RequestMapping(value="/loginfailed", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String loginerror(ModelMap model) {

    model.addAttribute("error", "true");
    return "login";


Update: To answer on Mani answer, I'm using a LoginController, which redirects loginfailed requests to login.jsp and is sending an 'error' attribute with the 'true' value. The problem is I can't see the message on the login.jsp using this expression:


Any Idea? Thank You very much!

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On Failure of Authendication, you have asked to redirect to different Page.

        + "/abc/main/loginfailed");

your loginfailed jsp not displayed ? it doesn't has div like errorblock in login page ? are you seeing different error in loginfailed.jsp ?


Ok I got it . Before authentication-failure-handler-ref="myAuthErrorHandler" Spring Handles the failure case and placed message in Session with the key SPRING_SECURITY_LAST_EXCEPTION .
After adding the failure handler i.e
You have to handle the error. You can set the message in session. or simply call the super.onAuthenticationFailure . Your handler is not doing anything !!!

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I already answered you on the update on this post, but I can't figure it out what I'm doing wrong. Maybe the redirect you're telling me? How I should redirect it properly according on what are you telling me on your answer?. Thanks. –  Ricardo Jan 15 '14 at 19:08
@Ricardo F Updated Answer –  Mani Jan 15 '14 at 19:53
Okay, and how should I rewrite the AuthentificationListener.java to handle this kinds of errors on the failure handler? After fixing this I wanted to use this handler to control login attemps updating the number of attempts. But that's another story. Thanks for the help! –  Ricardo Jan 15 '14 at 20:54

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