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I have this hash.

[#<PartnerSite id: 20, site_name: "test123", user_id: 178, 
               market_id: 164, created_at: "2014-01-15 18:02:01", 
               updated_at: "2014-01-15 18:02:01", 
               ip_address_range: "", 
               public_key: "453df9eeeb4a2d85bb7ffeb85486d489">]

And I am trying to access value by using


But it's showing error like

  1. undefined local variable or method 'public_key' And
  2. undefined method `public_key' Respectively.
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Wait, what query is giving you undefined method 'site_name'? Don't you mean undefined method 'public_key'? –  Ajedi32 Jan 15 at 18:09
Isnt that an activerecord object? –  beck03076 Jan 15 at 18:10
@Ajedi32- Sorry ..... I mean 'public_key' –  user3067558 Jan 15 at 18:18

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First of all, that looks like an array containing one PartnerSite object, not a hash. So you'll want to either get the first object in the array with first, (E.g. partner_site = partner_site.first) or loop through all the elements in the array with each and do something to all of them.

Secondly, when using the [] form for accessing values you usually need to provide either a symbol or a string to the [] method. In partner_site[public_key], public_key references an undefined variable. Instead, you should do partner_site[:public_key] or partner_site["public_key"].

Your other form, partner_site.public_key doesn't work because either you're calling public_key on the Array and not the PartnerSite object (in which case see the first paragraph in this answer), or because PartnerSite doesn't have a #public_key method defined on it. In the second case, you can probably fix that by adding attr_accessor :public_key to the PartnerSite class.

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Thank you so much.. –  user3067558 Jan 15 at 18:36

You are calling to a variable that does't exist (public_key). Use a symbol instead:


If you want to find out why symbols are used as hash keys, refer to this question

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