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i am filling datatable from db.below code

SUM(CONVERT(float, REPLACE(Quantity, CHAR(0), ''))) as Quantity,

from datatable now i need to convert into float so i tried below code

float s1 = 0;
foreach (DataRow _dr in obj_dt.Rows)
   s1 = _dr.Field<float>("Quantity");

but its showing error

Specified cast is not valid.

where i made error.

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Try with double. –  MarcinJuraszek Jan 15 at 18:21
The error should specifically indicate what the actual type of the object is. What is it? –  Servy Jan 15 at 18:21
Which version of .NET are you using? @Servy: older versions didn't indicate the actual type. –  John Saunders Jan 15 at 18:22
Use double stackoverflow.com/questions/122523/… –  Cam Bruce Jan 15 at 18:22
error cleared by using double thanks... –  Happy Jan 15 at 18:24
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do this:

s1 = Convert.ToDouble( _dr["Quantity"]);


s1 = (float) _dr["Quantity"];
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thanks error cleared.... –  Happy Jan 15 at 18:30
@T McKeown , @Happy , it there Convert.ToFloat() method in lib..? –  SiwachGaurav Jan 16 at 7:04
actually... float.Parse(stringVal) or Convert.ToDouble() is what should be used. –  T McKeown Jan 16 at 13:57
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you are doing down casting in wrong manner, you have need to correct you statement as

float s1 = 0;
foreach (DataRow _dr in obj_dt.Rows)
 s1 = Convert.ToSingle(_dr["Quantity"]);


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You shouldn't convert a numeric value to a string, just to parse it again as a numeric value, just to unbox it. –  Servy Jan 15 at 18:55
@Servy ok ,thank , but that was also working.. –  SiwachGaurav Jan 16 at 7:01
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