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I'm using Jung 2.0 for a while now, but I'm a bit confused with all the configuration code that is done in the various demos that ship with the package.

Could anyone tell me how to configure a VisualizationViewer so that I can move the graph nodes around by clicking and draging them with the mouse?

The code I have is below. It's a mix of the various demos I studied. But I can only pan and rotate the graph with it.

public class GrafoParticipacaoSocietaria extends JFrame {

    Graph<VerticeParticipacaoSocietaria, Integer> graph;
    VisualizationViewer<String, String> vv;
    Layout<VerticeParticipacaoSocietaria, Integer> layout;

    public GrafoParticipacaoSocietaria(Graph<VerticeParticipacaoSocietaria, Integer> grafoPart) {
        super("Participação Societária");

        graph = grafoPart;
        layout = new ISOMLayout(graph);

        final VisualizationModel visualizationModel = new DefaultVisualizationModel(layout);
        vv = new VisualizationViewer(visualizationModel);

        vv.getRenderContext().setVertexLabelTransformer(new ToStringLabeller<String>());

        // this class will provide both label drawing and vertex shapes
        VertexLabelAsShapeRenderer<String, String> vlasr = new VertexLabelAsShapeRenderer<String, String>(

        vv.getRenderContext().setVertexLabelRenderer(new DefaultVertexLabelRenderer(Color.lightGray));
        vv.getRenderContext().setEdgeDrawPaintTransformer(new ConstantTransformer(Color.lightGray));
        vv.getRenderContext().setEdgeStrokeTransformer(new ConstantTransformer(new BasicStroke(1.0f)));

        // customize the renderer
        // vv.getRenderer().setVertexRenderer(new MyGradientVertexRenderer<String, String>(Color.cyan, Color.white, true));

        vv.setGraphMouse(new DefaultModalGraphMouse());
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You can find an example on the Jung website here use Editing to add nodes and then switch to Picking to move the nodes you have added. The sourcode is avalaible from SourceFource check out jung-samples-X.X.X.jar the class called GraphEditorDemo

enter image description here Screen shot from the Jung Website

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+1 & accepted for helping me get to the solution to my problem (see my own answer for details). –  Ricardo Jan 17 '14 at 15:05

Thanks to GrahamA's answer, I found the code I was looking for:

    DefaultModalGraphMouse graphMouse = new DefaultModalGraphMouse();

That code changes the mode in ModalGraphMouse to the PICKING, which allows the user to select and move nodes around.

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