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In my project I have apartments and groups of photos that belong to each of the apartment. On an apartment show page I want to create galleries using fancybox. When I open the show page fancybox doesn't work, though if I refresh this page everything works perfectly. As I understand jQuery is called only once when the website is loaded, but not called when just a new page is opened. To try to solve this I've put jQuery on the show page and use $(window).ready(function()), but it still doesn't work. Please help. Here is my show.html.erb:

$(window).ready(function() {    
    'padding' : '0',
    'cyclic'  : true,
    'hideOnContentClick' : true,
    'transitionIn' : 'none',
    'transitionOut' : 'none'

<% @pin.pics.each do |x| %>
  <%= link_to image_tag(x.image.url(:thumb)), 
  :class => "gallery", :rel => "group#{x.pin_id}" %>
<% end %>
<p id="notice"><%= notice %></p>
  <%= @pin.description %>
<% if @pin.user == current_user %>
  <%= link_to 'Редактировать', edit_pin_path(@pin) %> |
<% end %>   
<%= link_to 'Назад', pins_path %>
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This "new page" of yours, is it loaded in ajax or something? if so, you can recall the plugin on ajax complete. –  Rum Jeremy Jan 15 at 20:08
No, I don't use ajax (basically because I don't know it). So when I say a new page is loaded, I mean I open it in the browser –  guilsy Jan 15 at 20:25
Alright, so there's a server request and a pageload as well. Where do you put the <script> with fancybox plugin, and where is located the script you provided in the question? Please do note, it's $(document).ready, i'm not sure it will work with window, but give it a try. (if not, try "$(window).on('load', function() {});" ) –  Rum Jeremy Jan 15 at 20:38
I've put the <script> I provided in the question in show.html.erb - the page that displays the gallery for this individual apartment. There is no fancybox plugin script per ce, as I'm using ruby on rails and used gem to install fancybox. –  guilsy Jan 16 at 2:49
Oh, and yeah (window).ready works as well, I've checked. –  guilsy Jan 16 at 2:54

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