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I'd like to know if there devices available which can sense the Wifi environment, and which can periodically report the client devices which are visible in Wifi near that device, with the signal strength? I'm having a hard time figuring out if there is such device available, I would like to have a few for my experiments, I'd be glad if some one could provide link for the same. I'd like it to send the list of its readings on a cloud server by invoking a rest api call, if possible.

I am looking for something very dirt cheap if possible, and which could send the data to a server whose IP/domain could be configured.. Thanks

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Were you ever able to find such a device? I have a similar need and have had difficulty finding one as well. I have heard of someone using a rasberry Pi device to create one but haven't been able to locate any documentations other than a random news article. –  RaymondT Feb 26 at 2:33
@RaymondT, not available anything less than 50 US$, so I lost hope. –  P.Prasad Feb 27 at 11:38

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