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I am programming a code in OpenGL in which I want to draw a line over another. The first drawn line should disappear but instead there is interference between them.

Image that illustrates this:


Is there anything I can do to solve this?

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Polygon Offset will do that (sample code). Remember that you must enable GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_LINE in addition to calling glPolygonOffset (as explained on the linked manpage).

If these are actually drawn using GL_LINES, then as pointed out by Andon M. Coleman, this will not work. In that case, use glDepthRange to a similar (almost identical effect).

How to do that is explained on the OpenGL FAQ #13.050.

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glPolygonOffset is literally only for polygon primitives. This would only work if the OP were using something like GL_TRIANGLES and a glPolygonMode (...) to generate the lines. I get the impression that GL_LINES are actually being used. –  Andon M. Coleman Jan 15 at 19:43
@AndonM.Coleman: In case those are really GL_LINES (looks like "normal geometry, e.g. a cube and a tesselated sphere to me, though), one would need to play with glDepthRange or set back the view matrix by a small bias manually. –  Damon Jan 15 at 19:50

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