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Bit confused here,

How’s Solr or Solrnet any different from Nhibernate Search? Does Solr offer anything more to that Nhibernate Search?

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I explained the differences and relationships between these projects in this blog post.

In a nutshell: while Lucene(.net) is a library, Solr is a stand-alone Java application that uses Lucene to provide full-text indexing and searching through a XML/HTTP interface. This means that it can be used from any platform/language. While very flexible, it's easier to use than raw Lucene and provides features commonly used in search applications, like faceted search and hit highlighting. It also handles caching, replication, sharding, and has a nice web admin interface. None of those features are directly provided by / NHibernate.Search.

SolrNet is a client to communicate with Solr from a .net application.

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