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I'm having an issue with the following code.

byte[] array = data as byte[]; // compile error - unable to use built-in conversion

if (array != null) { ...

I only want to assign the data to array variable if the data is actually a byte array.

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if(data.GetType().Name == "I forget what the exact name is for a byte array") 
    // assign to array
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"Byte[]" Yep that would work too. fixed my problem by checking the type of an object. –  Stephen Price Jan 22 '10 at 4:04

As soon as I asked this I realised that the type of data was not object.

Making it of type object (its coming in via a type converter in Silverlight) and it worked.

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How about this:

byte[] array = new  byte[arrayLength];
if (array is byte[])
    // Your code
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