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How do I create an SVG, append a TEXT, then back under SVG append a G which will host some CIRCLEs? I'm creating several of these constructions, so just referring to .select('svg') does not work as all the G elements stack to the first SVG in targetDIV, rather than the appropriate one. Thanks! - Corbin Supak

//done in a loop several times...
svg =
                        .attr('id', targetSVG)
                        .attr('height', svgHeight)
                        .attr("transform", "translate(0,"+markSize+")")
                    g =
                        .attr("transform", "translate("+markSize/2+", "+markSize/2+")");
                        .attr("cx", function(d,i) {
                            return (i*markSize) + markSize/2 + 50;//50 is to give room for text label
                        .attr("cy", 0)
                        .attr("r", markSize/2)
                        .attr("fill", alertColor)
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a minimal skeleton...

var svg ="body").append("svg")

var g ="g").append("g")


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sorry for the hastiness...var g = svg.append("g") – FernOfTheAndes Jan 15 '14 at 21:59
Works great, thanks a bunch! – csupak Jan 15 '14 at 22:10

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